I have 4 very special, and crazy, people in my life: my husband Travis, our two boys Maverick and Raylan, and our sweet baby girl Sawyer “aka” Soybean. I love all things sweet and southern. 100 Grand Bars and Rolos are the most tempting of bribes. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite, but only during the winter months. The rest of the year it is chocolate and vanilla soft serve on a cake cone. Preferably from Jeremiah's Italian Ice. And I love Burgers!!!! I eat them at a minimum twice a week. If you need to know the best burger joints in town, just ask me!

Florida’s natural beauty started my journey into professional photography and quickly evolved by shooting close friends and family weddings. I love capturing the energy and emotions of a couple and their families. Preserving once in a lifetime day through photography is my passion.

Each wedding is a unique story, which can be told again and again by capturing the details that most embody the couple’s vision. I spend time connecting with my couple’s so that I understand what they are excited about and to create a comfort level that allows me to capture the memorable moments seamlessly at the wedding celebration.

I work with each couple to organize a detailed wedding day photography schedule. By working together we can create a balance of capturing your most important memories at the best times. The most treasured images are those that capture authentic emotions in a natural composition.

One of my favorite wedding day moments is the mother/son dance. I can’t help but to see myself in the future having those moments with my boys and it melts my heart.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

My name is Kristina, but my friends and family call me Bumby.

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My favorite wedding day moment is sneaking away with the couple for a few intimate portraits. When the couple is away from the crowd, they get to focus on each other and we get to capture it!

On my time off you will find me hanging out with my daughter, Nina, and my husband Frank. Nina & I enjoy spending time by the pool. Frank and I love watching movies together and relaxing.

When I get some “me time” I love to read but always fall asleep. I guess I could say, in my free time I like to sleep or read or fall asleep while reading, which happens a lot!

HI I'M JESS! the other gal behind the camera with Bumby. 

the video duo here at Bumby Photography. 


Mandy & Corban

Everyones story is unique. Our begins when we were introduced by a mutual friend. It took Corban and really long time to work up the nerve to ask Mandy out, but lo and behold, she said yes! And that wasn't the last time she'd answer "yes" to Corban's questions.

God has blessed us in so many ways, and sharing each other's lives brings so much joy. As wedding videographers serving the Central Florida area, we love telling the story of two people who are willing to devote themselves to each other, and in doing so, become so much more that the sum of their parts. It is our supreme privilege and honor to capture that sacred relation at one of the pivotal moments - your wedding

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