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Happy Tuesday!

I am so excited to share my branding peek with with you. This is just a little “Taste” of what’s to come. Yes, we did a fun little overhaul last year until I could decide what I wanted. I love my current brand but I was ready to take it to the next level. I spent some time researching brand companies and meeting with people and each time I met with someone I kept leading back to 1 company. This person “Got me”. She understood exactly where I was and where I wanted to go. I finally decided now was the time and I needed to stop looking because my team I wanted to work with was right in front of me. I am so excited that Post Film jumped on this project with me. It was fun, emotional, rewarding, encourage but most of FUN!!! Elle was such a joy to work with. When she sent me my mood board I cried like a little baby. FINALLY I am headed where I want to go.

Ok so before I get all mushy. I am going to give you the little peek. I will save all the mushy part for the end.  Now we are working on the website and all the fun stuff. As weeks go by I will be introducing a little more here and there as we complete task. For now I want to share one special piece to my brand. This is part of my logo. For those who truly know me know I have a little obsession with cotton. So it was only appropriate to include it in my brand. 🙂 I couldn’t be more happy with this hand sketched piece Post Film created for me. When Elle told me she saw cotton in my brand I literally screamed. Good thing it was via message she told me because she may be a little deaf still. 🙂 Remember how I said she “got me”? Yeah, I didn’t even tell her I was obsessed with cotton. Through all her research and time she put into me she figured it out. Another reason why I am so glad I chose Post Film.

So here it is! One of my favorite pieces of my brand. My hand drawn cotton. 🙂 Thank you Elle and the Post Film team! You all rock!!!



hand drawn cotton ball

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