Downtown Sanford Engagement | Alexis & Travis

I’m so excited to share Alexis & Travis’s Downtown Sanford Engagement Session. From Florida to Texas, and as far as South Korea, these two have gone the distance with their love!

We took advantage of the historic architecture of Downtown Sanford and achieved, what I think is, a great collection. Our first stop was to take pictures at the fountain. Taking images through the falling water is one of my favorite ways to capture intimate moments.

I was really glad to have found the wall covered with vines. Alexis’s blond hair and white dress are stunning in contrast to the greenery. Alexis and Travis walking down the brink road really highlight their inviting personalities with a flood of warm light.

This session was a lot of fun with such a variety of locations and a great selection of pastel accents.



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Downtown Sanford Engagement

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