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Happy Halloween!

I am so EXCITED to share our Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspirational Shoot. First, I have to say Happy Birthday to my Sweet Boy, Maverick. I cannot believe my little man is turning 6 today. Yes, I have a Halloween baby. I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to my best friends son, Beale. Who knew best friends would have their kids on the same day. And on Halloween. Happy Birthday to our Halloween Babies!

So I finally get to share this amazing shoot with you. Terry with Two Sweets Bake Shop came to us with a vision. She wanted an Elegant Halloween Wedding. She visioned deep purples, reds, blacks with some gold touches to bring in the elegance. She also wanted to push to the edge just a bit by adding in the Halloween inspiration. She wanted skulls and crossbones included. She knew Bonnie with Mobella Events was the girl to execute this dream of hers.

I will never forget sitting down over dinner with part of our team. I was excited and scared. Yes, scared. This was a style I have never photographed before. I love natural light photography. I thrive on natural light. Sure I know and I am confident with flash but I was still scared. This was completely off from my style. There were many nights of wondering if I could give this amazing team the photos they deserve.  I knew they were going to “Bring it”. So I needed to make sure I “Brought it”.

I have to say I am pretty proud of how everything turned out. I am still in complete awe with all the amazing talent.

First I have to say a HUGE thank you to the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Downtown Orlando. Thank you for allowing us to take over. This shoot could not have happened without your support. We are forever grateful you hosted us for this event. You all ROCK!

So just an idea of some of the greatness that was designed. We had gold foil wedding invitation, wood printed tombstones and breathtaking florals. The dessert bar and 3 tiered wedding cake still has my mouth watering. The mix-matched china and gold chiavari chairs were  the perfect touch for our elegance we needed.  Our bride wore two dresses to give you an idea of how you can customize your wedding with both a black and white dress. Adding the touch of roses throughout her hair really popped her look. Our groom looked super sharp in his tuxedo.  I can’t even go into full description with each little detail and piece that this team created. There is so much more and I could go on for days. Literally days!

Before I forget. This shoot is featured today on Artfully Wed. Check it out here too. Darkly Chic Halloween Wedding Inspiration

I have to stop babbling and let you see more. First, you have to check out the amazing video by Dustin with Seltzer Films:http://vimeo.com/104475904

Happy Halloween!



Vendor Team

Venue: Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

Planner: Mobella Events

Photographer: Bumby Photography

Cinematographer: Seltzer Films

Dessert Buffet: Two Sweets Bake Shop

Wedding Cake: Everything Cake

Stationery: Dogwood Blossom Stationery & Invitation Studio

Florist: Lee Forrest Designs

Rentals: A Chair Affair

Linens: GBS Linens

Dessert Buffet Linens: Wildflower Linens

Draping: Quest Drape

Lighting: Elegant Entertainment DJ Services

Hair/Make-up: Marigold Scott Hair & Make-up

Dresses: Modern Bridal Shop

Tux: Absolutely Fitting

Jewelry: Monarch Jewelry

Male Model: Nathaniel – BMG Models

Female Model: My Lovely Intern Jackie Nixon

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halloween elegant wedding vendor team

Our amazing team! I adore each of you. Thank you for all your hard work and trusting me to capture your masterpieces. xoxo.

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Elegant Halloween Wedding

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