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So yesterday I sat down with a new friend I made at a recent retreat. I am so excited I met her. Part of what we talked about was goals. As we all know one of my goals was to blog more. I started out great this year and then I kind of fizzled. So my new friend ,Jess, and I are going to set our goals and check in with each other weekly with how we are doing and to be each others fire to get our goals accomplished. I seriously cannot wait. Well, part of my goals for the year was to put up a post monthly with the goals I am working on and my status of them. I completely missed May’s goal. Ack. So I am going to bypass may and not worry about the past; however, I will be posting my June goals come June 1st. So be on the look out for that coming. In the mean time here are a few photos of what I have working on and the wonderful couples I have met. I am not posting any photos from next weeks goals. So stay tuned for that post.

Congratulations Alexandra & Danilo. Your March wedding was gorgeous.

Oh Amalie is going to kill me for posting this but I think she looks great and I love the picture. I have been working and practicing my lighting. 🙂 Sorry A I had to use it. Oh PS I hope you are feeling better today.

Roberta & Kyle. The count down is on. Wedding Day is almost here I cannot wait!

Alexis & Daniel. Oh we had lots of laughs at their session. 🙂 I’ll never look at a duck without thinking of you two and laughing.

Miranda & Adam. You two are such a fun couple. Your love holds true to your last name. PS their last name is “Love”  and they are totally in L-O-V-E.

Regina & Brandon. Oh I love you both. I cannot believe you day finally came. It was gorgeous and I had blast.

Krystle & Shawn I cannot believe is a couple weeks your day is coming up. Where did the time go??? Looking forward to your day.

Katie & Burns you two are such a cute couple. I love both your personalities and how you make each other laugh. Hurry up October.

Demarys & Joaquin OMGosh next weekend!!!! Your beach wedding is going to be AMAZING!!!! I loved watching you two dance.

Oh Kolleen & Danny. You two are hilarious. Kolleen I cannot believe how much you have grown. I think you and Danny compliment each other perfectly. I had a great time and cannot wait till your wedding.

Natali & John. You two are so flipping cute together. I cannot wait till your day.

Thanks for stopping by.

“Keep on Keepin On” -Joe Dirt (sorry one mine and Travis favorite movie quotes.)

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