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Happy Thursday!

Where has the week gone? This week has been a little productive. I managed to get 2 blog post out this week. That does include this one.

Well, with lots of changes coming the biz lately I am looking to add a little something. I looking to bring on an intern. Woohoo!! Someone who I can work with and have fun. What am I looking for you ask. Here are a few important details.

1. You must love coffee.

2. Can accept coffee and good conversation for payment. Oh and knowledge and experience too! (For now. If all goes well this could become a paid position)

3. Able to work up to 6 hours a week. Feel free to work more. This just means you have to spend more time with me. 🙂

4. Be knowledgeable with social networking and know your way around a computer. (I have both a mac and a pc but I cannot figure out the PC anymore. Once you Mac you never Bac)

Duties you ask. Well here are few things to start.

1. Replying to emails and help with marketing.

2. Some light post production work.

3. Assist on weddings (this part will be paid)

4. Know how to have fun and take 2min basketball break in the kids playroom. Oh yeah baby watch out I am good. Check out this fun little gem we have in our office.

Office Basketball net






What is in it for you? Well lets just say you get to hang out with me and have fun but also in return it will be great learning experience.  Goals and further description can be discussed in the interview. I do ask that you not be a photographer with an already established photography business.

So how do you apply? Simply send me an email at with your basic information (name, email, phone #) and little about you and why you would like to work with KGP. I look forward to meeting you.

Ready. Set. Go!!!!



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