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Hi All! Happy Wednesday! For those of you who know me I love shooting in open fields with tall grass. There is one specific place I love to go to. There is just something about this field that gets me. It makes my heart happy and really helps clear my head when I need it. Most people would just drive by and not even notice it. I have to say when you sit in the field and watch the sun go down, the different colors that set in on that field are truly amazing. You may have seen it before in prior shoots from Regina & Brandon and Nick & Hilary’s engagement session. It is just a beautiful place and I love to photograph beautiful people there.

I needed to get out and do something for myself and just have a day of fun in my field with my camera. I decided to put together a little simple styled shoot at my favorite spot. I wanted my model to be someone who has never modeled before and had a cutesy look. So when I put a call out a friend of mine responded to the call. For those of you who know Brittany may say she looks like Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years. She totally does at certain angles. It drove me crazy for years because I could not put my finger on who she reminded me of and then someone said to me “oh look Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years” Ha ha. Sorry Brittany but you do. Any who back to the shoot.

So I got my lovely model, Brittany. The AMAZING Jackie Estevez did the hair and make up. Make sure you check out her site if you are in need for any occasion. The gorgeous gown was designed by another AMAZINGLY talented woman, Jessica Rios with All Brides 2 Be, Inc. Jessica is ridiculously talented. I showed her a picture of my model and she picked the perfect dress to enhance every curve of Brittany. Ladies if you know what you want for your dress whether it is wedding, prom or for a night out on the town, Jessica is your girl to design and make what you are looking for. I took some time to get to know the Dress Artist to help you understand why she is so great at fitting a dress to fit you perfectly.

What is your favorite color? Purple
What is your favorite food? Love Food. I don’t discriminate
What is your favorite sweet snack? ice cream if that counts
What type of music do you listen to & who’s your favorite artist? I like love songs of course 🙂 Too many great ones to choose from 
When you were a little girl did you want to be when you grew up? A Vet because I love animals
If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? I would love to visit Australia 
Tell me a little about you and what you like to do on your spare time? In my spare time which I don’t have much of lately, I spend time with my husband and family. They mean so much to me
Are you a Florida Native? If not, where did you grow up? I am not a Florida native but I have been here so long and definitely call it home. I was born in New York. 
Where did you attend schooling at? I attended the University of South Florida
What drew you to where you are today in your profession? I have always loved celebrations! Being from a very large Spanish family, that was always the time to come together and have a great time. It really became true for me when I helped to plan my sisters wedding and then my own that really catapulted me more into the industry. 
You started to tell me about how you went to school I believe for Pathology (is that correct?) How does one end up in the bridal industry designing dresses and how has your degree helped you today? I believe a lot of things come naturally but in studying the human anatomy you learn about form and function. I get to use my scientific side with my creative side. The best of both worlds.
How would you describe your dress styles? Unique and Beautiful is how I would like them to be perceived. I am not a cookie cutter person so I don’t want to offer that type of style that you could get anywhere else. I want it to be extra special and specific to each individual. To have a purpose. 
Tell me about your first dress you designed? It was a one shoulder sweetheart neckline asymmetrical beaded bodice with a lace-up back and a flowing organza skirt with multiple layers on one side It has a Spanish Flair to match my personality. This dress is still available for sale with many other samples that I have in stock. 
I love that Jessica went to school for pathology and studied the human anatomy and uses that to help create breathtaking gowns for her brides. Not sure if I mentioned this but Travis and I are celebrating our 10yr anniversary next March. To celebrate it we having a vow renewal with our family and close friends at the sweet and quaint little Wilbur Boathouse in Wilbur By The Sea (if you know anyone getting married there send them my way. I am dying to photograph a wedding there) Any who, you better believe Jessica is going to design and make my vow renewal dress. I am collecting my ideas of what I want and cannot wait to sit down with her in December and start working on it. Squeal!!!! 🙂 Well, I would like to share some of the photos from my shoot with Brittany, Jackie & Jessica. Oh Yes, and of course the lovely and talented Jackie is already booked for my hair and make up on our big 10 year celebration. 🙂 I CANNOT WAIT!!!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the pics!
Thank you again to Brittany, Jackie and Jessica for making this shoot happen. Love you ladies!
Model: Brittany Kidd
Hair/Makeup: Jackie Estevez

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