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Happy Wednesday All!

Well, I am one day older and I am ok with it. 🙂  Well, yesterday was a great relaxing day.  I spent the day at the beach with my dear friend.  After a relaxing day at the beach I came home and had homemade cupcakes with my boys before dinner.  Yes, we had cupcakes before dinner.  It was my birthday and I was able to do what I wanted.  Ok I lie.  The boys batted their big eyes at me and I simply said “ok”.  Anywho, so instead of lieu of yesterdays Tasteful Tuesday wedding post I am posting today and showing the lovely masterpieces my boys made for me.  Well, again they cheated they talked my sister into to baking while they ate the batter and the frosting.  Whatever, they helped and they were yummy.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful rest of your day!




Oh I must say all images were take via Iphone and by my husband.  Another reason why we are not a duo wedding photographer team 🙂homemade cupcakes

Raylan has a serious sweet tooth.  Watch him in all the images.  He will not take his eyes off the cupcakes. homemade birthday cupcakes and cupcake stalker

celebrating and singing happy birthday

boys helping blow out mommas birthday candles

eating and enjoying cupcakes

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