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Hello June! Already 6 months into the year!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???? I cannot believe how fast this year is going. I swear just yesterday I was thinking of what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. Well, let’s do a recap! My goals for 2013 were:

1. Change Business name and all that comes with it. (Yes, I finally decided on a new name.) – DONE!

2. Blog a minimum of twice a month (As we all know, this continues to be a challenge for me. Oh, this counts as 1 for this month! Go me!) – Still doing.

3. Read 4 books this year. I Need to get my butt moving on these book. – One down and almost done with the second.

4. Find a balance between my family and work schedule. – STILL NEED TO WORK ON!!!!

5. Slowly organize and get rid of stuff we don’t use. I did finally start this on Monday. – In progress!

6. Continue our healthy eating and exercising. – Still doing. Yay!!!

Wow, I have gotten a little further than I anticipated. I am feeling pretty good about my accomplishments so far this year! I just have to keep plugging along. Ok, well here are my goals for June:

1. Finish reading book #2 and start book #3
2. Clean out studio and organize shooting area
3. Finalize and submit May Inspirational Shoot

Don’t forget I would love to hear any goals you have. If you would like to share them, please comment below.



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