Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session | Kayla and Scott

There is nothing I love more than seeing my girlfriends find their happily ever afters. That is why I am so happy to bring you this Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session. You see, Kayla and I go way back to our high school days. I always find it funny how Kayla and Scott also met in high school, but only he remembers her! Now here we are at their engagement session! Funny how things work out sometimes.

We have so many amazing memories together so seeing the love between her and Scott makes my heart happy! Their personalities are the perfect match and they really enjoy simply spending time with each other.

Before I get lost in their proposal story I have to mention our engagement session location. There are so many locations in Florida for a romantic outdoor engagement session. They decided on Lake Louisa State Park, which is definitely a top choice. The majestic trees and fields with tall grass are some of the best places to get beautiful shots! Photos are great at any time of the day, but I love capturing those phenomenal sunset shots.

Grab your tissues for this proposal!

On the big day Scott was being secretive about their plans. He told Kayla they were meeting a couple, but by the evening they still had yet to see them. When they went to a late night movie Kayla had given up on trying to figure out the mystery of the secret couple. After leaving the movie it was one in the morning and Scott pulled into an empty parking lot. Kayla was worried something was wrong because he was acting nervous.

He got out of the car and came around to her side and then finally began to tell her about the couple he met earlier that day at the cemetery. The couple was Kayla’s parents who had passed on. He told her how he spent the afternoon at their graves talking to them and promising to love and care for her as they would if they were still with us. He pulled out his phone showing her photos of their graves with the flowers he brought as well as their favorite drinks.

After telling her all about the afternoon spent with her parents he then led her out of the car. He pointed out that they were in the same spot where he told her he loved her for the first time. He then proposed promising to love her until his last breath. For him to do something so intimate is not like him and that made it extra special.

Now we wait for the big day!

Y’all have no idea how happy I am for these two! They have finally found their perfect match and I love being there to see it all happen. These two have a special place in my heart and I cannot wait for their wedding, but for right now I am going to let you all enjoy their romantic outdoor Florida engagement session!



Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session couple taking photos in Lake Louisa State Park
Couple sitting on the ground and holding each other at their engagement session
Antique engagement ring sitting on flowers
Engaged couple taking photos in the field and in the sunset

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Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session

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