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I am so excited to go back to Savannah this weekend for Allison & Trevor’s wedding. I know their big day will be full of love just like their Savannah Engagement session was.

Allison and Trevor met Junior year of college (University of Central Florida). Allison was in a sorority and Trevor was in a fraternity. The real spark between them was actually ignited one night at a local college bar called Devaney’s.

For the last 5 years they have spent time together and taking annual trips to places they have never been.

Trevor popped the question on February 14, 2014 at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, FL. Trevor convinced Allison to meet him at the park at sunset. It is possible that the only reason she showed up was because there was a puppy somewhere in the back of her mind. Unfortunately there was no puppy, but Trevor did get down and ask Allison to marry him. Both of their families were there to celebrate.

They love to celebrate their first date anniversary and go back to the same sushi restaurant near UCF every year.

I was so excited when they decided to have there engagement in the same area they were getting married. Who doesn’t love a good road trip to Savannah. We started the day early because of the storm clouds rolling in. Thankfully the weather held off and we were able to capture numerous beautiful moments in the downtown area. We ended the day at Tybee Island where Allison grew up taking vacations to her families beach home. It was absolutely perfect. Upon arrival back to the downtown area it had just finished raining. We couldn’t have planned there day anymore perfect

Allison & Trevor will be getting married at Whitefield Chapel and celebrations will end at The Olde Pink House.

I hope y’all enjoy this adorable (University of) Central Florida couple!



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