Visiting Papi

Well, as many of you know. My husband Travis AKA Papi set out and joined the National Guard earlier this year. This was a big and tough decision for our family. Joining meant Papi would have to go away for 16 weeks to train and of course there is always the chance he could get deployed. We’ll cross that bridge should it ever arise. So, him leaving for 16 weeks meant very little phone calls or contact. We had to revert to the Ole’ Snail Mail for contact.

It has been an interesting and challenging time so far but our family is getting through it. We down to the wire. 29 days to go until Papi graduates and comes home. We cannot wait. During this long period of time we did get the opportunity to see Papi this past weekend. After a hard and long 12 weeks of letters and 3 minute phone calls here and there Family Weekend arrived. Yay! We made it 12 weeks. I happen to have a wedding this past Friday so it meant I would not be there from the time he got off.

My mother and my sister drove the boys up so they could be there the minute his family time started until I could get there Saturday morning. Talk about the longest 24hrs of my life. Knowing that he was with my family all day Friday and I was in Florida. Talk about super anxious.

Any who, the boys were so excited to see Papi. Maverick was super glued to his side the whole time. He was so pumped to be able to see and talk to him. Prior to their release all the soldiers were lined up getting their briefing before they could go they of course rattled off one of their army chants. As we know they usually yell that pretty loud. They scared Maverick and he turns to my sister and says “I don’t like when they all talk loud. It scares me” 🙂 Oh Maverick you are too funny.

Once Maverick saw his papi he squeezed him so hard and did not want to let him go. I sure do wish I was there for that. Raylan being 17mths old looked at Papi like “I know you and I know you are good people but I am just not sure about you just yet” It took him a little time to warm up but once he did he knew it was his Papi. 🙂 After all he is the spitting image of Papi. Raylan really is his Mini Me.

Well, it was a great weekend. Short but worth it. During our visit we got to show a little of what Papi was doing and Maverick has decide now he “Wants to be an Army” not join the Army but be the Army. Ha ha! Every time you ask him what he wants to be his response is “Momma I want to be an Army. Oh and a policeman” That is his exact response. With that being said we had to stop and off at the local army store and get him what he needed to be “An Army”. 🙂 All and all it was a great trip.

As mentioned short but sweet. Just what the boys needed to get them through the next month until he is home. I did not have much time for pictures because time was short but I did grab a few pics right before we left and would love share them. Before I do I want to say how proud we are of Papi. While he is only training he has made a huge sacrifice for both our family and our country and we couldn’t be prouder to call him our Papi. He not only has chosen to protect our local community as a police officer he has chosen to protect our country as a soldier. So thank you Papi for all you do for our family as well as our country. Thank you to all the men and women out there who have taken this sacrifice as well.

One last one. Remember Maverick wants to be “An Army” I think he has created his own little Army. I just love all my boys. Thank you Papi, Maverick and Raylan for protecting all of us. 🙂

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