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Hello Monday and Happy Memorial Day!

I wanting to share something special and dear. Another branding peek. My new logo. We have a soft launch coming up soon of the new website while working and plugging on putting together the full site. The soft launch should be up by next week. However, for now I am too excited and cannot wait to share my logo. As I mentioned in the last peek branding has been fun, emotional, rewarding, reconnecting with myself and style but mainly fun. When I first sat down with Elle from Post Film I told her I wanted something unique, one of kind and ME. I wanted something that no one could go off the internet and get. It was a no brainer for Elle. Like I said before “She gets me” 🙂 Well, Elle didn’t even hesitate, she and her team quickly began sketching and drawning not only my name but the cotton you saw in the last post. My heart was happy when I saw them both. I love how elegant my name looks and the cotton was exactly what I dreamt about. Each of them one of kind, unique and hand sketched just for me. It is warming and literally makes me smile each time I look at it.

So for now I leave you with my new logo. Keep checking back for the changes on the site to incorporate my lovely new, one of kind, hand sketched, just for me logo. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!




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