Catch of a Lifetime Outdoor Engagement Session | Michelle and Roger

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it is also engagement season! To celebrate the season, we are bringing you Michelle and Roger’s Catch of a Lifetime Outdoor Engagement Session. I love a couple who likes to relax, go fishing, and spend their time outdoors. These two have to be one of the cutest and funniest couples we have ever met! We had so much fun shooting their engagement session at one of my favorite locations, Lake Louisa State Park.

The “reel” deal

Michelle and Roger met at a friend’s party back in 2012. They spoke all night, but forgot to get each other’s numbers. A month went by before they met up again and this time they remembered to get their numbers. In November Michelle received a text from Roger asking her to dinner wherever she wanted to go, so they ended up having their first date at Tijuana Flats. A few weeks later with a little back and forth mixed in, they finally began their relationship!

Hook, line, and lifesaver rings

Roger had the sweetest proposal for Michelle planned. For no apparent reason Roger informed Michelle that they didn’t have his daughter Kayla for the weekend. Michelle said she wanted to go fishing all day, so off they went. They stopped along the way to pick up some snacks. He got her all of her favorites like Lifesaver gummies, Gummy Bears, and peach rings. They spent the day fishing and Roger was doing a lot of the talking, which it not normal for him.

When they got to a private fishing spot they pulled their truck in and threw out their lines. Michelle pulled out their snacks and when she got to the Lifesaver gummies she put them on all of her fingers how she usually eats them. Roger made a comment about how the Lifesaver ring wouldn’t be on her ring finger for long, but Michelle didn’t think anything of it.

They continued fishing until Roger told her she caught a horseshoe crab. As she got off the truck to get a closer look, Roger kept trying to get her attention. When she finally turned around he was down on one knee saying how much he loved her and how the past five years have been the best ever. She thought he was joking and would soon see a Lifesaver ring come out of his pocket, but it never came. Instead he pulled out the ring of her dreams and of course she said yes.

An afternoon spent in the great outdoors

Like I said earlier, Lake Louisa State Park is one of my favorite locations for sessions. It could not be more perfect for a couple who loves the outdoors. We got so many photos with beautiful scenery and we just had to include a few fishing photos in there. You really get to know Michelle and Roger through their photos. Roger definitely made the catch of a lifetime when he met Michelle! We can’t wait for their wedding in April!!



Engagement Session Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

Wedding Venue: Club Lake Plantation

Future groom stands with his fiance in a catch of a lifetime outdoor engagement sessionEngaged couple takes photos while sitting in a large tree.Engaged couple walking along a dirt road at their outdoor engagement session

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Catch of a Lifetime Outdoor Engagement Session

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