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Happy Thursday! I am really looking forward to sharing this wedding with you. Denise and John tied the knot at the Orange County Regional History Center. Not only did they have a super cool bridal party but Denise and John are SOOOOOO much to be around. Denise is spunky, super hilarious and just a load of fun to be around. John is your typical sweet Tennessee boy. They truly compliment each other so well.

So I always ask my couple questions when we meet to get to know them and I have to say I absolutely love reading my first two questions they answer.  Here is a little snippet from the two question. John filled out the questionnaire. It is always fun to hear the guys side of stories.

Tell us how you met?

“Denise and I went to law school together and were on the mock trial team. I was ahead of Denise by one year, but we ended up making the team at the same time. That was when we first met.

We then ran into each other at the year-end law school dinner where, through uncharacteristic confidence on my part, we shared our first kiss. Over the next several months, we dated casually, going to dinner, to movies, or having drinks. One of the more memorable dates was when I took her to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I’m a huge nerd). She had not read any of the books or seen any of the films and asked so many questions during the movie that it was hard for me to pay attention or enjoy it. I think she sensed my frustration and afterwards we joked about how she pestered me with questions. That’s one of the funniest memories we have of the early months of our relationship.

During this same time, we competed against each other in a mock trial competition at the law school. The competition format involved three preliminary rounds, a semi final round, and a final round. As luck would have it, we were pitted against each other in the first round. With the competition format, there is little room for error and we had one of the toughest judges presiding over the case, our professor, Mitch Frank. He essentially gutted my case and excluded almost all of the evidence I needed so that I barely had a closing argument. Meanwhile, Denise was incredible and in the end my team lost to hers. Though fate and the luck of the draw both our teams made it to the final round. Luckily for me, the presiding judge was an old-fashioned Southern gentleman in a seersucker suit and bow tie who sided with my team while Denise took second place. That too has been one of the moments she and I have been able to laugh about over the years. It was not until that competition that we really began dating.”

How did he pop the question?

“We had planned for Denise’s parents to come to Tennessee to meet my family over the Labor Day weekend in September of 2012. Little did she know that I had asked her father’s permission to marry her months before and had already bought the ring. We discussed getting married several times and knew it was only a matter of when we were ready financially to do so.

She asked the inevitable question of “So, when do you think you’ll ask me to marry you?” My response was always “It will be when I’m ready and you won’t expect it.”

One night, I started talking in my sleep and dreamed I was on the phone with my brother. In my dream I told him that after we came back from Tennessee, I was going to take her down to Tampa to a jeweler a friend recommended to pick out a ring because I simply could not make a decision on a ring I thought she’d like (she’s very picky). I said all of this out loud and the next morning she told me about it. I remembered the dream, but what she didn’t know was that the actual ring was in my nightstand next to the bed. The next day, we drove to Tennessee and took I-95 through the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. Just as you cross in to North Carolina, there are two scenic overlook areas that look out over the valley below. The one on the northbound side has a wooden walkway and a small little gazebo structure where I planned to ask her to marry me. Just before we pulled off the interstate, I told Denise I was tired and asked if she could drive. She told me to just pull over to the shoulder and switch and I refused because I had to get us to the overlook. Then, a friend of hers called when we were a quarter of a mile from the overlook and I had to fuss with her to get off the phone so we could switch driving. Finally, we pulled over at the overlook and I reached under my seat where I kept the ring in its box between the floorboard and the seat rail. This was when I first began to get nervous and fumbled with the box, knocking under the seat. I luckily retrieved it before she got around the car and quickly shoved it into my pocket.

Denise was in a hurry, as always, to get back on the road and told me to get back in the car so we could get a move on. I said I needed to stretch and told her we should enjoy the fresh air for a minute. Meanwhile, my hands and voice are shaking like a kindergartner on his first day of school. She turned and faced away from me, looking out over the valley and when she turned around, I was on one knee with the ring box open (and upside down I might add). I then asked her if she would be my wife. She covered her mouth and muttered a “yes” mixed with “oh my God” and I could not understand her so I asked “Did you say yes.” She said, “Of course!!!” Then we called our parents to tell them the good news.”

Those are my two favorite questions to read when my couples fill out their questionnaire. I especially look at this and laugh even more now because getting to know them both and hearing it in John’s words he describes their story perfectly.

So as I mentioned Denise & John celebrated their marriage at the Orange County Regional History Center in Downtown Orlando. It was very sweet and romantic. I have to say my favorite detail of their wedding is their wedding cake. Their cake topper was a little Hello Kitty and Star Wars Storm Tropper figurines. Again, perfect little detail of their day that is totally them. 🙂

Well, check out their wedding and enjoy! Have a great weekend!



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Orlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography

Denise & John’s Fabulous Vendors

Venue: Orange County Regional History Center

Caterers: Arthur’s Catering

Cake: Publix

Florist: Lee Forrest Designs

Hair/Make-up: Faces by Shannon

DJ/Photobooth: DJD Entertainment Professionals

Wedding Dress: Bacio Bacio Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Orange County Regional History Center

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