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There is something about an intimate elopement that just speaks to me. I have noticed that elopements and destination weddings have become more and more popular lately. This week we’re Eloping in Orlando with Kathryn and Mitchell. When Kathryn contacted me I was thrilled! Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings of any size. However with elopements, being able to focus solely on the couple and seeing them interact with each other is special.

No matter if you’re eloping or planning a larger wedding, as long as the couple thinks everything is perfect then that’s really all that matters. Kathryn and Mitchell are definitely a perfect match. They are not afraid of being spontaneous, like when they got lost in Chicago. Instead of freaking out, they ended up discovering cool places and even stumbled upon a festival. She even has the first gift he ever gave her. A photo of a flower he drew for her.

A Sweet Proposal

Their proposal story tugs at my heartstrings. Mitchell was on leave during a military tour overseas. They were packing on his last night before he had to go back. Mitchell picked that moment to propose to Kathryn and then they parted ways so he could complete his tour. There is nothing like coming back from a deployment and getting ready to plan forever with each other.

From Ohio to I Do

They made the trek down from Ohio on a lovely day in March. I love that Kathryn was there to help Mitchell get ready for their wedding. However, Mitchell was kicked out so Kathryn could get ready to surprise him in her dress later. I loved their shoe choices! Her light blue crushed velvet TOMS not only looked fabulous, but I’m pretty sure they were very comfortable. His Gucci shoes looked great too, but hers stole the show in my book. They were perfect for running around Downtown Orlando!

Touring Around Downtown Town

After getting ready, we headed out to do their first look. You can tell how happy Mitchell is to Kathryn in her full wedding look. She looked stunning and they look so amazing together. We went to the Grand Bohemian Orlando to take some more photos. Then we went inside The Bösendorfer Lounge where we got photos with their Imperial Grand Bösendorfer piano. It’s one of only a handful in the world!

Once we spent time inside and outside of the Grand Bohemian Orlando, we then moved on to other places. There is no shortage of locations in Downtown Orlando. After our time with Kathryn and Mitchell came to an end, they continued their eloping journey in an intimate ceremony at Leu Gardens. Eloping in Orlando was a magical day spent with two wonderful people. We love their story and we hope you all enjoy these photos from their special day.



Venue: The Grand Bohemian Orlando

Hair and Makeup: Faces by Shannon

Groom’s Ring: Qalo

Wedding Venue: Leu Gardens

Weddings rings of a couple Eloping in Orlando.Wedding rings and blue crushed velvet shoes. Wedding rings on a tuxedo ring purse.Bride's TOMs shoes and grooms Gucci shoes for wedding day attire.Groom putting on his shoes and sitting while waiting for his wedding day to start.Groom button up his eloping attire.Guy with tattoos buttoning up his shirt while getting ready for wedding.Bride helping the groom into his jacket.Bride buttoning up her grooms jacket.Bride's wedding dress hanging from a doorframe. Close up of the bride's vintage wedding dress.Details on the bride's wedding dress.Bride in her wedding dress and veil.Close up of the bride having her dress buttoned up by her friend.Bride's blue crushed velvet TOMs shoes.Bride putting on her shoes and sitting and waiting on a couch.Bride putting on her earrings at wedding in OrlandoBride showing off her dress and makeup while she waits to go to her elopement.Groom waiting to have a first look with his bride.Couple getting ready to see each other for the first time in their full wedding attire.Groom's surprised look as he sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day.Bride and groom standing on a terrace in downtown Orlando. Bride and groom looking at each other and smiling. Couple share a kiss on their wedding day.Bride and Groom at the Grand Bohemian Orlando lounge.Couple cuddle with their reflection in the top of a piano.Couple posing with the Imperial Grand Bösendorfer piano at the Grand Bohemian Orlando Hotel.Groom posing in the lobby of the hotel. Bride and groom hugging outside of the Grand Bohemian Orlando.Couple kissing and holding each other under the sign to the Grand Bohemian.Bride standing next to a lion statue in downtown Orlando.Close up shot of the bride in her wedding dress.Eloping couples wedding shoes on a brick road.Couple kissing each other while standing in front of a wall made of green vine plants.Groom holding his bride while taking photos in Orlando.Photo of the groom holding his brides hands while he stands behind her.Guy kissing a girl on her head while he holds her. Couple looking at each other while standing in front of a greenery wall.Bride holding her skirt.Groom standing in front of a greenery wall. Couple walking in a breezeway in downtown Orlando. Couple kissing in a breezeway at a building in downtown Orlando.Couple walking and giggling at each other. Bride and groom laughing with each other while walking in a breezeway.Bride posing in a breezeway in her wedding dress.Portrait of the bride and her shoes in downtown Orlando.Bride and groom kissing while standing in front of a fountain.Bride and groom taking portraits in front of a fountain.Eloping couple sitting on steps in downtown Orlando while kissing.Close up of a couple cuddling on steps. Couple kissing on the steps of a building in downtown Orlando.Bride and groom exploring downtown Orlando before eloping at Leu Gardens.

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Eloping in Orlando

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