High School Sweetheart Engagement | Jennifer & Bradley

I always love a great love story just like this High School Sweetheart Engagement. Whenever I am around Jennifer and Bradley I can just tell that theirs is a deep love. They were laughing and having a great time with their dogs during their session, so it was easy to get some great shots of them.

There were so many neat things I learned about these two. Jennifer likes musicals and Disney. Meanwhile Bradley likes to go fishing and watch football. Christmas holds a special place in their hearts, too. Bradley hid Jennifer’s engagement ring in one of her gifts. As she dug through her gift she was so surprised to find the engagement ring sitting at the bottom of it.

They both say their perfect date night is being at home for dinner and a movie. Some of their favorite movies are Blades of Glory and Pitch Perfect. Around their anniversary in September they do have a special date night. They will go to Red Lobster for their endless shrimp special.

Two things they have on their favorites list are their dogs. They were great at their engagement shoot! They even wore save the date signs around their necks. All throughout the session they were running around and having a great time. They were awesome to be around and we also got some great photos with them. You can tell Jennifer and Bradley are crazy about their dogs.

We spent the day at Up the Creek Farms for their shoot, which will also be the location of their wedding. This location is always perfect because there are a million places to take gorgeous photos. It was also great for their dogs to run around and have some fun while waiting for their turn in the spotlight. I am so excited for their wedding in January of next year! I hope you all enjoy this High School Sweetheart Engagement Session!




High school sweetheart engagement session portrait. Engaged couple at Up the Creek Farms.Couple laughing and joking while walking through the grass. Guy and girl snuggling at the lake while there reflection is in the water.High school sweethearts hugging and kissing under a tree with red flowers.Couple hugging next to a white barn fence. Couple posing in front of the boathouse doors at Up the Creek Farms. Dogs with save the date signs around their necks. High school sweetheart engagement couple and their dogs posing for pictures in front of boathouse doors. Two dogs sitting in front of boathouse doors at Up the Creek Farms. Engagement session couple kissing under a tree while their dogs sit next to them. Wedding ceremony door at Up the Creek Farms. Engagement couple walking through the grass at local farm. Couple snuggling and laughing under a moss tree in the sunlight. Silhouette of a couple in the door frame of the Up the Creek Farms venue. High school sweetheart couple looking at each other while standing under old oak trees. Couple standing on a bridge while holding each other. Woman wearing a black dress and guy wearing a white polo shirt and pants while posing for portraits.Couple with their dogs standing in front of a gate at Up the Creek Farms. High school sweetheart engagement couple kissing their dogs in front of a white gate.

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High School Sweetheart Engagement

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