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Today we are getting an education in the lesson of love from a Wedding in Paradise. Newlyweds Megan and Jordan met in their first year of teaching at an elementary school. She is a kindergarten teacher and he is a Physical Education coach. Their story began when Jordan blew off a talk with the Principal to chase after her so they could chat after Meet the Teacher night. Naturally, Jordan likes to say that he gets all the credit for initiating their relationship.

Jordan was also the one who planned their first date. He used the equation of scary situations plus girl of his dreams equals Halloween Horror Nights. His plan worked out because Megan spent most of the night in his arms because she was so scared. It was the perfect date night.

Along with their love for teaching is their love for Disney. They occasionally have dates there and it was on one particular night that Jordan proposed. He coordinated everything. When they took a picture together under the large Christmas tree at the Magic Kingdom, he got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Megan said yes and she was even more surprised when their whole family jumped out of the bushes to congratulate them.

Aside from date nights like being at Disney, you will find them at home playing multiple rounds of board games. They love to have fun, but are also a little competitive. Megan traditionally gets a Nerf gun for Jordan as a Christmas gift. She says she is his Nerf gun collection enabler. Randomly one of them will leave a Nerf gun laying around the house initiating a battle. They will go around and fire at each other until a truce is made. Even on their wedding day Megan shot Jordan with a Nerf gun during their first look.

Family is very important to Megan and Jordan and they incorporated them throughout their wedding day. One such case is the Superman ring Jordan wore that belonged to his father. His groomsmen wore Superman shirts under their wedding attire to honor his father and surprise him during the couples first dance.

Another something special you will notice as you scroll through their amazing photos is a fuzzy stuffed unicorn. His name is Carl and he has become a regular guest at family weddings. He was won as a prize at Universal Studios on the eve of Jordan’s sister’s wedding. Everyone felt that since he was at the party the night before, he should attend the wedding, too. It then became a family tradition. Jordan’s mom even took out his stuffing to ship him to New York for a cousins wedding. She re-stuffed him when she got there and he was good to go. Carl is such a hit he usually gets more attention and photos then anyone else at weddings.

That brings us to their beach themed wedding in Paradise Cove in Orlando. If you have not been to Paradise Cove, it is like a little secret beach that is nowhere near the coastline. The venue sits on Lake Bryan and has a nice sandy shore, so you feel like you are at the beach. The weather was gorgeous for their outdoor ceremony. The reception took place under a covered pavilion adorned with soft twinkling lights all throughout the space. They incorporated their beach theme into decorations like starfish as seating assignments and seashells for guests to sign. I am so excited to show you how Megan and Jordan’s special day was truly a Wedding in Paradise. Also, check out their amazing wedding video by our video team Love and Lustre Weddings at the bottom of the page.





Venue: Paradise Cove

Event Coordinator: Shawna Ki Frontario

Photography: Bumby Photography

Video: Love And Lustre Weddings

Florist: Atmospheres Floral and Decor

Catering: Cocktails Catering

Cake: Cut The Cake

DJ/Lighting: White Rose Entertainment


Wedding in Paradise accessoriesWedding jewelry displayed on the beachParadise wedding dress and shoes.Bride having her dress zipped up by family member with bridesmaids in the background.Bride holding hands with her grandmotherBridesmaids holding bride's hands as she puts on her shoesMother helping bride put her necklace on.Bride being helped with putting a ring on. Bride putting on her earring on her left ear and smiling. Bridal party helping the bride with finishing touches. Bride looks at herself in the mirror before getting married.Black and white photo of bride holding her bridesmaids hand.Stuffed blue unicorn at paradise cove weddingGroom sitting outside on the porch before he gets ready for Paradise Cove wedding.Bright, colorful groom's accessories.Groomsman helping groom with his bowtieGroom is ready to get married.Bride waiting to surprise her groom when he sees her for the first time. Groom waiting to turn around to see his bride for the first time.Bride getting ready to fire a nerf gun at groom during first look.Groom turns around to see his bride for the first time.Wedding in Paradise bride and groom share a kiss at their first look. Bride and groom holding hands.Bride and groom taking portrait photos on wedding day.Photos of the bride outdoors while she is holding her bouquet of various bright pink flowers.Groom taking photos outdoors in his suit.Groom kissing his bride on the forehead while she is holding her bright pink bouquet.Bride and groom sharing a kiss on the shoreline of Paradise Cove.Bride and groom laughing and holding hands while walking down the beach.Groom snuggling with bride while holding hands.Portraits of the bride while she is standing in front of green plants.Bride and groom standing in front of bright green plants at wedding in paradise. Grooms accessories including pink plaid bowtie, pink and yellow boutonnière, and gold ring. Ceremony space at Paradise Cove Orlando.Starfish chair decoration and teal direction sign. Groom and groomsmen arriving to ceremony in a boat.Groomsmen exiting boat on shoreline. Musician singing and playing the guitar during ceremony.Father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle to get married. Groom watching the bride and her father walking down the aisle to him. Father giving away his daughter to her future husband. Wedding in paradise outdoor ceremony on the shore of Orlando lake. Bride and groom reciting their vows to each other during wedding ceremony. Paradise Cove couple sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. Husband kissing his bride after walking down the aisle. Paradise bridal party in teal dresses posing for photos.Groom's party wearing sunglasses and posing for photos. The entire wedding party for Wedding in Paradise couple who just got married. Bride and groom walking their wedding party. Black and white photo of bride and groom walking with their wedding party.Reception pavilion at Paradise Cove.Hand written signs for drinks. Seating assignment table with starfish holding guest name tags. Seashells for guests to sign for the bride and groom. Beach themed reception decorations. Table centerpieces with bright pink flowers and a lantern. Sweetheart table for paradise bride and groom at their reception. 4-tier wedding cake with pink and green floral accents. Bride and good get ready to surprise their guests with a choreographed dance.Groomsmen revealing Superman shirts under their wedding attire.Bride and groom having their first dance together as a married couple. Groom and bride dance close to each other under the pavilion at Paradise Cove. Groom lifts bride up as they share a kiss. Bride and groom cut their wedding cake. Bride dances with her parents at the wedding reception. Mother getting emotional as she dances with her son at paradise wedding. Bride and groom dance with stuffed unicorn at their wedding reception. Family and friends dancing at paradise wedding reception. Bride and groom take photos on the shore at sunset.Bride posing for portraits along the shoreline. Husband holding his new bride close on the shoreline.Bride and groom kiss on the beach.Husband dips his bride and gives her a kiss under patio lights.Silhouette of newlyweds kissing at sunset.


Megan + Jordan from Love and Lustre Weddings on Vimeo.


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