I Love editing thanks to Totally Rad and Radlab.

So… a few months back I was looking for ways to speed up my workflow in the editing department so I can have more time out doing what I truly love. Photographing.  I love photoshop and could literally spend hours in there but my photos were not coming out the way I envisioned them. Then my prayers were answered. One day while reading my FAVVVVVorite photographer, Nancy Ray Photography, website  I stumbled upon a site she recommended called Totally Rad. http://www.gettotallyrad.com/   I checked them out and was completely blown away with their product. They had amazing actions for photoshop to help enhance your photos. Not only enhance them but it sped up your editing time. While I love editing I love being out taking photos more. So I decided to give them a test run with their demo actions. Yes, I immediately after one hour of playing with my new demo actions I said I MUST HAVE IT!!!! So I purchased their two sets of actions for photoshop. I loved my actions. Some photographers say they love the new Adobe Lightroom and will no longer use photoshop. I am and have always been addicted to photoshop and with my new found love (my Totally Rad actions) I love photoshop even more. Don’t get me wrong I love my LR and start my editing in LR; however, my photos are not complete until I open them up in PS and throw a couple kick ass actions on them.

Well, a couple months ago Totally Rad released their latest product. Radlab. I watched the demo video and started to immediately hyperventilate because I had to have it. I think I freaked out more than normal because I knew I had to wait to save the green to purchase it (still saving). However, today I received a little update in my RSS feed that they were offering a 30 day trial of Radlab. Everything around me just stopped. I immediately downloaded the free full version trial. Umm yeah. I am completely obsessed now. Even more than I was before. I must own Radlab before my 30 day trial is up. I am not sure how I am going to live without it once it is over.

I keep trying different things with it to see if there is one thing I dislike about it. You know just so I can find a reason on why I should not spend the cash on it. Yep, I found nothing. Once again they have produced a product that I must have and is truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have to say I have tested out other actions people offer and they just don’t measure up in my eyes. Totally Rad’s actions are so user friendly and now with Radlab OMG (I cannot believe I just used that) I am like a kid in the candy store right now. Editing just doesn’t get any better than this. I love you Totally Rad. Thank you so much what you have created.

Now time to share a few photos after I started using Radlab. Oh Radlab you will be mine VERY SOON.

Oh while I am at it. Here is a little sneak peek of Colin’s newborn session and a couple of photos from Ashely & Matt’s wedding. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by to check out the latest post.

Now it is time to go play with Radlab. C-ya later.



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