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Well, there is no hiding it. Last year I dived in and rebranded. The amazingly talented team of Post Film couldn’t have nailed my brand any better. I will never forget the day Elle sent me my vision board and when I saw cotton on the board I started to cry. Little did Elle know I just finished up a styled shoot based around cotton and with all the left over cotton made a little lamp for my office. After discussing and agreeing on everything, Elle’s fabulous team hand drew my logo. Each little detail was perfect. Cuddly and plump just like the one that sat on my desk.

After slowly adding in my brand it was time to start updating all my products. I am thrilled to share our new flash drives for our couples. These fun little babies came from USB Memory Direct. I chose light wood as it best fits for my brand. They come in several options. I love how detailed they got the cotton. The magnetic top perfectly aligns when you clip it back on. These make a wonderful and beautiful way to store your images. I cannot wait to start sending these out to couples with their images on them. Another one goes out next week to its new home. 🙂




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