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A little Saturday Love for you. I just adore Jenni & Bryan’s Winter Park Engagement Session.

Jenni & Bryan have been together for over 4 years. Most of it has been traveling back and forth from Florida to Texas to see each other. 960 plus miles could not keep these two apart. Finally during one of their mini trips to Georgia Bryan asked Jenni to be his wife.

How did he pop the question?

We visited the Savannah Rapids Pavilion in Augusta, GA and we planning on placing a lock on a bridge that overlooks the Augusta Canal. I had the lock we picked out in my hand, but Bryan asked me to use another one instead. The ring was locked on a smaller lock that he hid in his pocket. Then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

There is no doubt with these two. Bryan looks at Jenni and you can just see in his eyes how much he loves her.

We are looking forward to their fall wedding and the beautiful White Room in St. Augustine.



Hair/Make-up: Kristy’s Artistry Design Team


Couple posing with trees in the background at their Winter Park engagement session. winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0002winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0003Black and white photo of a couple holding hands and facing away from each other while standing next to a brick wall.winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0005winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0006winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0007winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0008winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0009Engaged couple sharing a kiss in the sunlight. winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0011winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0012Couple standing outside of an old Winter Park building.winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0014winter-park-engagement-orlando-photographer-bumby-photography-jenbry_0015Couple kissing in the sunset.

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Winter Park Engagement

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