Main Street Engagement Session | Katie and Alex

Get ready for this sweet Main Street Engagement Session. Katie and Alex are such a great couple and were so excited for this day. Downtown Sanford was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. The historical elements and vibe were just what they were going for.

Katie and Alex met in one of those situations you only find in romantic movies. Katie traveled to Georgia to meet with up with her friend in Statesboro. It was Halloween, so they traveled to Savannah to celebrate. Katie had dressed as Woody from Toy Story. While walking down Broughton Street, Katie saw another guy dressed as Woody. She was so excited she ran right up to him and started talking.

That was the beginning, but it gets even more interesting. While chatting up in their Woody costumes, her friends husband discovered the unknown Woody was actually his cousin, Alex. After that, Alex left his friends to hang out with Katie’s group. The next day when Alex met up with Katie and her friends at breakfast, they knew there was something special between them. For two years it would be a long distance relationship, but there was no question they were in it for the long haul.

When Alex decided it was time to propose, he knew it would be tricky because Katie is really good at figuring things out and he is really bad at surprises. For example, when they were long distance he tried to drive up to surprise her a few times. She figured it out because he could not come up with a good reason to be in the car for that long. You can imagine it was going to be an uphill battle for Alex to pull off the perfect proposal.

The big moment took place one afternoon while Katie was out driving with a friend. Her friend heard a lake had dried up, so they took a detour to check it out. When they got there Katie saw the lake was full and there was a creepy looking man by the shore. Katie did not want to go down there even though the creepy man looked like Alex. After her friend told her she needed to get out of the car, it all clicked and finally, Alex could claim a “surprise” victory.

It will be a fun party when these two lovebirds get married. Katie loves to dance and Alex loves to laugh. Nothing better than that. They will be married this fall at the always lovely Up the Creek Farms. Until that day, we have their amazing engagement photos to enjoy. I hope you all love this adorable couple in their Main Street Engagement Session!




Main Street Engagement Session coupleEngagement session couple looking at each otherUp the Creek Farms couple holding hands and looking at each other. Guy kissing girl on the forehead.Guy lifting girl and kissing her in Main Street Downtown SanfordMain street couple posing in front of historic green door.Engagement couple walking down Main Street while holding hands. Guy hugging girl from behind at engagement sessionMain Street couple kissing next to pink flowers. Couple sitting on windowsill and kissing. Up the Creek Farms couple holding hands and walking through the park.Engagement session couple holding hands and walking through Downtown SanfordFuture groom holding his future wife in his armsMain Street Engaged couple kissing in the park.Engagement session couple holding hands while walking on empty railroad tracks.Main Street engaged couple in the sunset in downtown Sanford, Florida.

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Main Street Engagement Session | Katie and Alex


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