Musical Outdoor Engagement Session | Lauren and Ben

Lauren and Ben are getting married this weekend! They are the most adorable couple and I am obsessed with their Musical Outdoor Engagement Session. I have known Lauren for years, so getting to know them as a couple was incredible. I even learned about a special musical instrument they brought along with them that Ben handmade for Lauren. For their session, we went to Dickson Azalea Park near Thorton Park in downtown Orlando. If you have not been there, you should check it out because it is gorgeous.

So, I met Lauren back when she was 19 years old! We used to work together back in my Trane days. It’s been a few moons, but now I am shooting her wedding! Time flies. We have been friends for so long and we have kept in touch throughout the years, so I am really excited for their wedding day.

On to their engagement session, which I adore so much. They made cute little boats with their wedding date and initials. The trees were gorgeous and we had a lot of laughs whenever someone would almost fall out of them. They are hilarious, so naturally I caught a lot laughing photos.

My favorite part of their session was when Lauren pulled out a ukulele that Ben made for her from scratch. He used an old cigar box for the body and fixed it up to become a truly unique ukulele. They say they do not know how to play and only do so for fun over drinks, but they sounded really good to me.

This engagement is really special to me, because I have such a long connection to Lauren. They are so stinkin cute together! I am looking forward to this weekend, because I know their wedding is going to be amazing. I do not know if they will breakout their musical instruments, though. Although a repeat performance of their engagement session tunes would be great to hear! Until their wedding, I will leave you all with these gorgeous photos from their Musical Outdoor Engagement Session.




Musical Outdoor Engagement Session guitar and handmade ukulele laying on the groundMusical outdoor engaged couple portrait.Guy climbing up tree while girl is laughing at him.Musical couple playing their instruments while sitting in a tree and laughing.Woman looking at guy while he is playing the guitar in a tree outdoors.Musical outdoor couple playing a guitar and ukulele in a treeWoman with a ukulele handmade from a cigar box and a guy with small guitar. Engagement session couple kissing in a tree at Dickson Azalea ParkPaper boats with couples engagement date and initials on them Engaged couple holding paper boats and kissing. Engagement session couple holding each other while standing under a bridge at Azalea Park.Engagement session couple laughing and holding hands while standing under a bridge.Couple kissing on wooden bridge near downtown Orlando.Couple walking on a bridge and holding hands and kissing.Engagement session couple snuggling while standing on a bridge.Guy whispering into girls ear while she is smiling and hugging him.Couple dancing in Dickson Azalea Park in Downtown OrlandoEngagement session couple holding hands and walking on a small wooden bridge in Azalea Park.Engaged woman showing off her engagement ring.Musical outdoor engagement couple portraits.Man holding woman from behind while in the park.Guy holding woman hands while showing engagement ring.Musical outdoor laughing couple walking while holding a picnic basket and wine.Guy pouring two glasses of red wine at engagement session.Engaged couple drinking wine while relaxing on a blanket at musical outdoor sessionOutdoor engagement session couple walking and kissing each other at the end of the day.

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Musical Outdoor Engagement Session | Lauren and Ben


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