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Good Monday Morning!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday after all that rain we got. It was so PERFECT!!! I just loved how cool and crisp the air was. It reminded me a little of the cool crisp Colorado days.

Well, I was culling some of my images from last weeks inspirational bridal shoot and came across this sweet little image and wanted to share. Meet Freddy. Freddy is the Garden Cat at the lovely Harmony Gardens. Freddy wanted to be in all our pictures. She (yes Freddy is a She) would follow us where ever we walked to and would curl up or sit right in our shot. It was pretty funny. I tell people I don’t care for cats but the truth is I love’em. I am just super allergic to them. I wanted to run over and curl of next to her. I think at this point Freddy got tired of following us for a bit and decided to take a little cat nap on the bridge.

Enjoy the image and have a great week everyone. Oh and don’t forget to take a little cat nap here and there to get ya through the day. Freddy says it’s ok!

cat napping on heart bridge

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