Prepare For An Engagement Shoot Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How To Prepare For An Engagement Shoot. If you missed Part 1, click on over here!

I was so thrilled to share my tips on how to prepare for an engagement shoot last post! I got such great feedback and I knew I just couldn’t wait share part 2.

Like I said before, this is information I usually only share for my engagement shoots.

Be hair and make-up ready

Make sure you have your hair and make up done! In fact, I strongly feel that you should get your hair and make up done professionally. As a photographer, I can recommend someone for the shoot that can do both! Make up and skin photographs differently than it appears in real life and make up artists are trained to make you look effortlessly beautiful. If you decide that you want to do your own make-up and hair, make sure to go slightly heavier than you normally would and to wear matte make up. Make up generally ends up looking toned down in photographs. Also, shimmery make up makes you look oily or spotty in photographs.

Bring clothing that reflects you part 2

Coordinate the outfits 

While I gave tips on what clothing to bring in the first post, I really wanted to expand on the topic some more. When you choose your outfits, make sure you choose complementary hues. This will help make the photos come out GREAT. If you have green eyes, wear something green that shows off how pretty they are! I recommend wearing similar hues – but don’t make them match exactly! In fact, if you’re wearing light blue, make sure your fiancé is wearing navy blue.

Details matter!

Pay attention to details and don’t be afraid to layer and accessorize! If you like chunky jewelry, wear it! Bring a variety of accessories to dress up your look.

Plan in advance

Also make sure to have your outfit picked out in advance, paying attention to how it fits at all angles. I recommend trying on the outfit and looking at it at all angles in the mirror. That way you will see how it looks in the back, you want to look good at all angles!

I am excited for your potential engagement shoot and that you found these tips useful. I love to hear any tips I might have missed! Share by commenting below!



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Prepare For An Engagement Shoot

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