Sunny Woods Engagement Session

As summer winds down we thought it would be fitting to feature Megan and Matthew’s Sunny Woods Engagement Session. This beautiful couple actually tied the knot this summer at their beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House wedding. Stay tuned for that blog post because it will be coming up very soon!

We were so grateful that Megan and Matthew contacted us for their wedding photography. I immediately took a liking to Megan because she loves everything Southern, just like I do! Hunting, fishing, and bonfires are just a few of the things she loves to do. She especially loves riding in large trucks with the windows down while blasting classic country music. Along with those activities, she loves to do things like cooking, singing, and spending time with family and friends at church.

Megan said she is truly blessed to find Matthew and he feels the same about her. He always wondered if he would have a hard time finding someone who enjoyed his hobbies or if would have to give them all up. Low and behold, he discovered that not only did Megan like his hobbies, but they were also the same ones she loved. Matthew even gained some new favorite hobbies since meeting Megan, like car rides with the windows down while blasting country music.

Try and try again

Megan and Matthew met back in high school when their schools ran cross country and track against each other. Although they went to different high schools and later different colleges, they remained friends. While Megan was in school at UCF, Matthew paid her a visit on one of his trips home from FSU. He asked her if she would go out with him, but she turned him down.

Thankfully as we all know, there is a happy ending! A few years down the road they started catching up with each other and went on their first official date. They went hunting and talked for hours. Before they knew it, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

A proposal on Lake Butler

As most proposal go, Megan had no idea one was coming from Matthew. It was a normal afternoon when they headed over to a friends house. When they arrived their friends told Matthew something funny was happening to their boat. They asked him to take it out on the water to see if he could solve the problem. Matthew and Megan set out on Lake Butler and ended up near their favorite island, Birdy Island.

He turned off the boat and asked Megan to come up to the front with him to cuddle. He started to say a bunch of sweet things to her and then got down on one knee. Her knees were shaking, but she knew immediately that her answer would be yes! They made it back to their friends house where all of their close family and friends were waiting to congratulate them.

A dreamy sunny engagement session in the woods

This is definitely one of my favorite sessions! We went to Lake Louisa State Park and it could not have been a more perfect day. They brought a third family member to the shoot- their sweet pup Dallas. Y’all know I love dogs in engagement shoots, so this was a treat for me!

The day was beautiful and they were so relaxed just being in the outdoors together. Their engagement session was so phenomenal that we could not wait for their wedding day. Once you see their amazing sunny woods engagement session you will understand why we were so excited for their wedding, but you will have to stay tuned for that blog post!



Location: Lake Louisa State Park

Sunny Woods Engagement Session couple with their dog
couple in old tree
couple smiling and hugging
Black and white photo of engagement session couple
Couple holding hands and kissing in tall grass
Couple with dog in woods
sunny woods couple in large open field
Couple sitting in large field under sunny skies
Couple standing in large field with dog

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Sunny Woods Engagement Session

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