Wedding Planning Advice From The Ones Who’ve Been There

Ladies, why is wedding planning so stressful!? This process can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have too. I have reached out to my brides for their personal advice on getting through the stressful wedding planning process. I hope this wise words will help!

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Angela & Steven March 2015

Venue: Highland Manor

If I could go back and do it over, I would definitely add more time to my reception. I feel like we didn’t have enough time to celebrate and enjoy time with our guests. So if you have the option and extra money, I highly recommend adding extra time to the reception. 🙂

wedding planning

Jennifer & Camilo February 2015

Ceremony Venue: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Reception: Harmony Golf Preserve

There is a lot of advice out there. Everything from enjoy the day, stop and smell the roses, make sure you eat something, etc. The one piece of advice I’d wish I had was to not fight the process. Just know up front everything will NOT be exactly what you want no matter how hard you try and that’s OKAY. You will still enjoy the beautiful day and you most likely won’t remember why it wasn’t perfect. That day will be perfect for you and your fiancé/husband because it’s your special day. I spent a lot of time worrying and stressing about everything and all it did was make me not enjoy the planning and I ended up exhausted by the wedding day. In the end everything was gorgeous and everyone had a great time.  

wedding planning

Kristin & James: April 2016

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

There are actually a few things I would do differently but if I had to pick one it would be to not worry about what other people think and do exactly what YOU want to make YOUR day special. I tried my best to do that but there were certain times when those thoughts crept into my mind and I found myself adding little things here and there that I thought guests would like or appreciate and it turns out that many of them went completely unnoticed by some people. My advice would be to make your day be all about you and your husband without bogging yourself down with too much worry about what people think- if they don’t like some aspect, they can do it differently on their own wedding day. ☺️

wedding planning

Ashley & Brandon: October 2016

Venue: The Delamater House

If you know someone in the wedding business and they give you a referral for other vendors they are familiar with, follow them! They have a great relationship with them and communicate well, it makes everything easier in the end. Splurge on an awesome DJ/MC they make all the difference! I felt like I never left the dance floor! Airbrush makeup looks better for photos. Lastly, remember that everyone is there to see you two so enjoy being surrounded by family and friends and don’t sweat the little stuff.

So when the wedding planning process becomes too much remember your not alone. Take that time to turn off your phone and enjoy an evening with your fiancé. I truly hope these words of advise will help simplify and enrich your bridal experience! As promised, to my lovely brides in return for their contributions to this post, I have selected one couple to receive a canvas print of one wedding image of their choosing. By the fate of being drawn from a hat (Thank you Kimberly for doing this for me), Jennifer & Camilo are the lucky winners!!! Congratulations! I cannot wait to help you pick out your favorite canvas.



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