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Well, I just got back from trip to North Carolina (one of my fav places) attending the Branches & Light workshop with my two favorite photographers Caroline Joy Rector & Nancy Ray. Wow, is all I have to say. They are two very inspirational women. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend the day with them and all the ladies that attended. I met some great women and look forward to the friendship I developed while there. Thank you Caroline & Nancy for putting on this workshop.  I truly had an amazing time. Check back after V-day for photos of the workshop. I learned so much during this workshop. I am going to take a little step back and re-evaluate a few things not just in my business but my life in general. I am feeling great and really excited.

So, January has started off great. I am plugging away on my goals and making things happen. My logo is still coming together. I cannot wait for it to be completed. I am keeping up with my healthier lifestyle. I am eating healthier (except this trip. he. he.) and working out consistently. So far I have lost about a total 8lbs. I do have to give credit of at least 4-5lbs to the stomach flu that took over me. Hey, I’ll take those few extra pounds. 🙂 Well, on to my February Goals.

February Goals

1. Continue working on my logo & marketing material.

2. Take Maverick to see Bob The Builder at the Science Center. For those who know, Maverick loves Bob and was Bob for Halloween this year. He wears his costume at least once a week. He is sprouting out of it so Titi is gonna have to make another one. 🙂

3. Rock it at my February Wedding. Congrats Heather & Matthew. I cannot wait till Saturday!

4. Start searching for a babysitter who can watch the boys while Trav & I hit the gym.

5. Evaluate what I learned from my workshop and start a plan to put it to use.

Okay, so while most people get excited about celebrities. I get excited about photographers. Here is my photo with Caroline & Nancy after dinner. 🙂 Thanks again ladies. I had a wonderful time. I am so excited about what all I learned.

PS. I totally look like a cheese ball in my pic. ha ha.

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